About Me

My story and path towards becoming a holistic equine health practitioner has not been a straight line.  Horses were a part of my past and then my path deviated towards becoming an artist.

Even with the detour, I always knew and intended for my life to be about making horses lives better before my time is up on this planet.

I grew up in Colorado until I was about 16 and then I began a rebellious stint of self-discovery, bouncing from place to place.  I called Albuquerque, NM home for around 8 years but also lay my head in Tucson, AZ, Henderson, NV, Hollywood, CA, Mililani, HI, and most recently, Seattle, WA for around 8 years as well.

Seattle is where I began to embrace myself the most.  It was there that I developed my unique art and successfully operated my own business selling it at the world famous Pike Place Market.  I was a one woman show and I learned, to be successful, all I had to do was do exactly what I wanted!

And that is why I've come back to the horses.  Before leaving Seattle, I was eager to put all of my focus on educating myself about their bodies and the best ways to help keep them aligned, so I began with an online class taught by Sara Stenson. It was a great class and the perfect foundation for me!  After I arrived back home in Colorado I took a hands on course taught by Tracy Vroom and Megan Steele at Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage and I couldn't have been happier that I did!  I plan on continuing to educate myself in all the various modalities that interest me as well as learning from  a variety of experts throughout the world of  holistic horse care.

Helping and connecting with them is what I want, it is a deep seeded devotion that you can probably relate to.  "Horse" was my first word and I was not raised with them, I didn't get my first one until I was 11, and I have often described myself as a horse in woman's clothing.

 We, as a whole, could be doing so much better by them.  I have a very natural and respectful approach to my work with them.  I have chosen to direct my focus on therapeutic massage rather than sports massage for one very specific reason; the horse's best interest is of paramount importance to me and I do not believe creating sport and industry out of them meets that criteria.  That is not to say I am opposed to working on horses that are shown/ridden and have jobs, on the contrary.  I just want my client guardians to know, making your horse feel the best he can with my abilities is what's on my mind when you hire me. 

I am currently residing on the Western Slope of Colorado in Grand Junction.  This is where I spent close to half of my youth from ages 8 to 16.  I went to elementary, middle, and high school here.  My life with horses was here.  Living here as an adult now has been more satisfying than I expected.  I spend a lot of time hiking with family in the expansive variety of trails and breathtaking landscapes that I definitely overlooked when I lived here as a child.  I enjoy the pace of life here.  Colorado has always been home and I look forward to turning new clients into old friends right back here where I started from!

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Certified Therapeutic Equine Massage-Holistic Horse Care

Grand Junction, Colorado United States

Vanessa Latrimurti