Bad Blogger

It's true, I'm a terrible blogger. I am not inspired to blog all that often. Maybe that's about to change, maybe I just need to talk about the things I'm thinking about more without overthinking them.

Well, since my last blog post almost two years ago, some things have changed but not too much. Life has been a little bit in slow motion since Covid but it still continues to move forward.

I've gotten my hands on a lot more horses and I feel myself being pulled in a specific direction with my work with them. While I love giving a horse a good massage and helping his body move more comfortably, What I really love is using massage and other techniques to help horses emotionally. This isn't a new trajectory for me, I've always felt pulled in this direction but have been discouraged about putting myself out there for this type of service.

Time to stop feeling discouraged.

I've updated my website to reflect this specializing in my services.

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