Horse Speak

In one week, I am attending a 4 day seminar with Sharon Wilsie. If you haven't heard of her, look her up. She has developed an understanding of horse movements as gestures and language and is effectively communicating with horses in this way. She has two books out explaining how and what she's doing.

I'm very excited to be to learning from her! Her patient, horse first approach is right in-line with my perspectives. Effectively being able to communicate with a horse, especially while doing any type of bodywork, is extremely important to me and learning their body language intimately is going to be a great skill to add to my work!

The seminar takes place in Naples, NY at an absolutely beautiful property called Mountain Horse Farm. I will be sleeping in a tipi! Albeit a pretty fancy tipi but, a tipi nonetheless. This place is sort of a horse lovers dream place to vacation, I'm guessing. They host lots of clinics, they feed you when you stay, offer wellness

services such as massage (human), have a doggie hotel, have horse and cow cuddle experiences, as well as equine assisted learning and development. I haven't been there yet so I can only guess at how awesome it is but, I have a feeling it's going to be quite lovely. I'm almost as excited about the property as I am about learning from Sharon, who also stays at the property during the seminar, which I think is pretty rad!

I look forward to writing all about the experience after I return home and encourage you to look up Sharon Wilsie if you're interested in understanding your horse better.

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