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My Specialties

Horses are often passed to numerous owners throughout their lives and many of them have experienced past trauma. 

These horses are my specialty.


Past traumas can manifest in a number of different behaviors in the horse; some become frustrated and hard to handle, while others shut down and are often times mislabeled as "bombproof".  Every horse is an individual but they all want to be calm on the inside.  I like helping them achieve that calmness with a combination of intentional touch and a select variety of tools.

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My tools

I keep a selection of tools to better aid in meeting the horse where he is rather than expecting him to conform to a singular idea or approach.  Some horses love deep pressure, some don't like to be touched at all, and some take time to understand what this massage business is all about.

The first tool in my arsenal are Sure Foot Pads. They are quite fascinating and give the horse a new experience in his body while making contact with the nervous system through the feet. I will often start with these when a horse is unsure or uninterested in engaging with me.

The second tool I keep is a massage gun. The use of these "guns" is both controversial and gaining popularity.  Like any tool, I think it is only as good as the operator and this tool is no different. Damage could be done if not used correctly. I don't find myself using this tool as much as the others but it definitely has its place. It is great for vibration therapy, reaching deep into the body into areas that I cannot. Many horses find this application very relaxing.

The third tool is a red light torch designed for photonic therapy and local treatment. Photonic therapy is essentially acupuncture without needles and is very effective at maintaining energy balance within the body. This treatment is designed to be used post diagnostically (after a vet diagnosis, I am not a vet and do not diagnose.) Used locally, the torch can provide temporary pain relief and eliminate scars with regular use.

I also like to sometimes use  5" stone wands in place of my fingers when I really need to get deep into a muscle. They may not be as fancy as the other tools but are very effective for work on the nervous system and releasing trigger points.

Lastly, I love using essential oils for aromatherapy. These are excellent at giving the horse a new experience and helping them shift their brains quickly when the are getting distracted. They also just really enjoy it! 

Of course, my most used tools are my hands, they are superior at seeking, finding, and releasing tension within to body as well as making a meaningful, trusting connection with your horse. 

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