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Therapeutic Equine Massage

What is Massage?

Massage is intentional touch. The intention being to make the body feel and move better. Bodies are intelligent and respond rapidly when given a little relief, especially horse bodies. Massage promotes blood flow and circulation of, not only blood and everything it carries, but lymph fluids as well. When muscles get strained in any number of ways, constrictions can form and create chain reactions within the structures of the body that cannot fix themselves. Specific and intentional touch can break up and soothe these constrictions or adhesions and help the body bring itself back into a comfortable balance. Massage is also the best way to prevent problems by keeping muscles supple and hydrated. Often times, when your horse is “acting up”, it isn't because they are out to defy you, but because they are trying to tell you something is bothering them physically and/or emotionally.
Massage is also a fantastic modality for aiding in emotional balance and release. Humans are not the only ones that hold onto their emotions in their bodies. A horse's mood from the beginning of a massage to the end of one is one of the most immediately noticeable changes. When I give a horse a massage, it is not something I am “doing” to the them, it is a conversation. It's my job to listen and interpret and respect what they're feeling. I will never give the same massage twice because every horse will have something different to say.

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